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Shakhovskoy Jewellery House creates unique and exquisite jewelry pieces. Most of our designs are one-of-a-kind and come with a "Certificate of Jewellery" to certify their exclusivity. We only use the finest gemstones, handpicked by expert gemologists, and often source them from the most remote places on Earth. Jewellery created by Vsevolod Shakhovskoy is in the possession of royal houses, famous politicians, businessmen, media personalities, and various museums worldwide.


Entered the KUHOM art jewelry school



Continued his studies at the Utrecht School of Art (Kingdom of the Netherlands)



Designed the engagement ring for the future princess and queen of the Netherlands, the chosen one of Crown Prince Willem-Alexander



Successfully passed the final exam and by the decision of the Board of the Federation of Jewelers (Kingdom of the Netherlands) received a diploma of professional education in the specialty of "Jewellery"



Created his first company - Shakhovskoy Jewelry House.

Tiara design project for the Queen of the Netherlands
The design of the engagement ring for the future Princess and Queen of the Netherlands

“I create incredibly feminine and attractive jewelry that is full of life and energy, bringing together the flowing lines of a woman's body and harmoniously selected colors of gemstones.”

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