Jewellery of high jewellery art

Shakhovskoy exemplifies the concept of "Quiet luxury" by avoiding ostentatious hype.

“Black Nobility”

The "Black Nobility" jewelry collection offers luxury that goes beyond just expensive materials. Its exceptional refinement is evident in its exclusivity, individual approach, and availability only to a select group of connoisseurs.

"The light of the North comes to our days..."
(...from an epistle to the Empress of Russia, Catherine the Great)

«Russian North»

The North Russian collection emphasizes true beauty adorned with rare gemstones through timeless design.

"Shakhovskoy for a Happy Wedding"

For the ultimate gift, Shakhovskoy’s offers exquisite wedding and engagement rings, handcrafted with custom designs using the rarest and most exceptional gemstones in the world. You will adore this exquisite bridal jewellery.

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